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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of Sohna Realty. Here, we've curated answers to the most commonly raised queries by our valued clients and prospects. We understand the importance of making informed decisions, especially when it comes to real estate investments. This section aims to shed light on any uncertainties or curiosities you might have about our properties, services, or the Sohna region itself. Dive in to get clarity, and if you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.

Sohna Realty specializes in the brokerage of plots and residential apartments in the Sohna region, also known as South Gurgaon. We provide comprehensive real estate services, from assisting in the selection process to coordinating with banks and builders on behalf of our clients.

Our distinction lies in our focus on the Sohna region and our commitment to personalized service. We believe that every client deserves a customized approach to their investment journey. Moreover, we offer our services at zero brokerage fees to our clients.

Answer: Sohna, also known as South Gurgaon, offers immense potential for real estate investment due to several key factors. These include its strategic location, improving infrastructure, and robust growth prospects. Additionally, Sohna is currently witnessing a dramatic real estate boom, making it a golden opportunity for investors.

You can start your investment journey in Sohna with as little as Rs. 20 Lacs.

No, we do not charge any brokerage fees from the buyers. Our aim is to facilitate your property buying experience with utmost transparency and minimal costs.

Our personalized services range from providing tailored calculation charts and insights, coordinating with banks for loans, to dealing directly with builders on your behalf. Our goal is to make your property buying experience as seamless and stress-free as possible

You can reach out to us through the Contact form on our website, or directly call or email us. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you.

Our process is designed to be as seamless as possible for our clients. Once you've contacted us with your interest and investment goals, we'll provide you with a range of property options that best meet your criteria. We'll then assist you in all the following steps, from site visits to negotiation, documentation, and coordination with financial institutions for loan approval.

We have a rigorous selection process that ensures we only work with reputable builders committed to delivering high-quality properties. This includes a comprehensive background check, quality of past and current projects, adherence to construction deadlines, financial stability, and client feedback.

Yes, we offer comprehensive assistance with loan processes. We have strong relationships with leading financial institutions and can guide you through the application, documentation, and approval processes.

Absolutely, we offer specialized services for NRIs looking to invest in the Sohna region. We can assist you with understanding the laws and regulations related to NRI property investment in India, and guide you through the entire process of buying property.

Sohna is currently experiencing a boom in both residential and commercial real estate due to its strategic location, improving infrastructure, and the growing appeal of South Gurgaon as a residential and commercial hub. The price trends in Sohna have seen a steady rise over the past few years, making it an attractive investment destination.

The property registration process in Sohna involves a series of steps including payment of the stamp duty, preparation of the sale deed, and getting the property registered at the local registrar office. We provide comprehensive assistance in all these steps to ensure a seamless experience for our clients.

The return on your investment would depend on various factors such as the location of the property, the type of property, the builder's reputation, and the overall market conditions. However, given the current growth trends in Sohna, it is poised to offer substantial returns over the long term.

Buying a property in India comes with various tax implications. Some of the main taxes and fees include stamp duty, registration charges, and Goods and Services Tax (GST) on under-construction properties. For rented properties, rental income is subject to income tax. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor to fully understand the tax implications based on your specific situation.

Verifying the legal status of a property involves checking for clear and marketable title, approved building plans, and ensuring the property is free from any encumbrances or legal dues. Our team assists in this process by obtaining all necessary documents from the builder and conducting a thorough legal verification.

Yes, properties in Sohna can be purchased jointly. The co-owners can be family members or even friends. Joint ownership can have some advantages including the ability to share the financial burden and eligibility for tax benefits for all co-owners.

As far as our knowledge until my last update in September 2021, there are no special restrictions on property ownership in Sohna beyond what's prescribed in Indian laws. However, we recommend consulting with a real estate professional to understand the latest regulations and their implications.

Maintenance charges vary depending on the type of property, amenities offered, builder policies, and other factors. They typically include charges for common area maintenance, security, garbage disposal, and other services. We provide a detailed breakdown of all charges to our clients during the property selection process.

During a property inspection, it's important to check the overall quality of construction, electrical and plumbing work, functionality of fixtures and fittings, quality of amenities provided, and compliance with the promised specifications. We facilitate property inspections and guide our clients on what to look for.

The property resale process involves finding a buyer, negotiating the price, preparing a sale agreement, transferring the title, and completing the registration process. We offer comprehensive resale services to help our clients navigate this process seamlessly.

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Investment Budget Range
  • Investment Budget Range
  • Below ₹40 lakhs
  • ₹40 lakhs - ₹70 lakhs
  • ₹70 lakhs - ₹1 crore
  • Above ₹1 crore
Preferred Property Type
  • Preferred Property Type
  • Residential Plot
  • Apartment
  • Commercial Space
  • Industrial Plot
Purpose of Investment
  • Purpose of Investment
  • Personal Use
  • Rental Income
  • Property Flipping
  • Long-term Investment
Investment Time Horizon
  • Investment Time Horizon
  • Immediate (within 3 months)
  • Short-term (3-12 months)
  • Medium-term (1-3 years)
  • Long-term (3+ years)
Preferred Contact Time
  • Preferred Contact Time
  • Morning (9am - 12pm)
  • Afternoon (12pm - 5pm)
  • Evening (5pm - 9pm)
  • Anytime